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My husband John and I have been working from home since 1994. Back then, our daughters were just babies. Now they're teenagers! Boy time flies! We have really enjoyed the quality time this business allows us. We have watched our kids grow up, been home for them after school and taken lots of family trips. If we both had traditional jobs we would have missed out on so much!

I used to work in sales with a large corporation and John worked as a technician on a military base. Neither of us were happy with our jobs. In my case, I found the stress of the corporate lifestyle - the travel, work load and office politics - tiresome. I was longing to find a way to replace my income from home. I didn't know anything existed where I could earn a 6-figure income from home; I was really at a loss. Then a good friend of mine introduced me to what she was doing. I was blown away by how simple everything seemed. I loved the company mission statement of enhancing lives and I immediately saw how I could not only succeed myself, but help other achieve financial independence too.





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