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Helping families...

...earn more for the important things in life


Time for what matters most

Create your own schedule

Freedom to do the things you love.

Time for us and personal time for you.

Work with others who share a common goal.

Team support, training and personal mentoring.

Lifelong reliable income.


What we do...

We are marketing representatives for a US based manufacturer of consumer goods with over $2 Billion in annual sales. We do not sell or inventory products. As team members, our role is to educate others about our products and our business model. We also educate and personally guide and mentor each of our team members to help them advance their business and reach their financial goals.

Our business model works! We have a proven track record of success with a simple system to help you achieve your goals. As a member of our team your role will be to educate your community about our products. There is no limit to your earning potential. As with anything, success takes commitment and dedication. We help you create a plan that works with your schedule so you can work from the comfort of your home. You determine the pace that works with your lifestyle.

Who We Are

We are a group of self-motivated, caring people from various backgrounds including doctors, stay at home Moms and Dads, social workers, HR Directors, CPAs, nurses, business owners, healthcare professionals and business professionals with some common goals…to create substantial income with a flexible schedule so we have the financial freedom and time freedom for the important things in life like family, travel and time for US!

Our Partner

Our partner manufactures safer, more effective, everyday products. Inspired by nature and proven by science, we start with ingredients from renewable plant resources, naturally derived alternatives, and thoughtfully chosen biodegradable compounds. Check out some of our product lines below. With a 30-50% discount and discounts at over 1,900 other retailers, it is no wonder why we are growing so rapidly.

We love to help others achieve their financial goals, designing a life they love. We are rapidly expanding and would love to see if this is a good fit for you.

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Sample Account

My husband John and I have been working from home since 1994. Back then, our daughters were just babies. Now they're teenagers! Boy time flies! We have really enjoyed the quality time this business allows us. We have watched our kids grow up, been home for them after school and taken lots of family trips. If we both had traditional jobs we would have missed out on so much! I used to work in sales with a large corporation and John worked as a technician on a military base. Neither of us were happy with our jobs. In my case, I found the stress of the corporate lifestyle - the travel, work load and office politics - tiresome. I was longing to find a way to replace my income from home. I didn't know anything existed where I could earn a 6-figure income from home; I was really at a loss. Then a good friend of mine introduced me to what she was doing. I was blown away by how simple everything seemed. I loved the company mission statement of enhancing lives and I immediately saw how I could not only succeed myself, but help other achieve financial independence too.  

As team members, our role is to educate others
about our products and our business model.

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